What do I do if the company I’d like to pay isn’t already in the registry? 

That won’t be a problem! All you need is the recipient’s name, mailing address and account number, you can send the payment by clicking “Add new payee.” A check will be sent to them within 5-7 business days ✅

Do BillPay transactions count in my monthly-transaction total for my NorthOne account?

Yes, any BillPay payments will count in your total NorthOne monthly transactions 💸

What happens if there aren’t enough funds in my account to pay the bill?

If there isn’t enough funds in the account to make a recurring BillPay payment, it won’t be processed and you will be notified 🚨

How long does it take for my payments to arrive at the recipient?

The recipient will receive the payment as an ACH transfer in 1-2 business days. If you can’t find the recipient in our registry, type it’s a new payee – they'll receive a physical check using standard mail in approximately 5-7 business days ✉️For any payees you’d prefer to receive an electronic transfer, you can send them a regular ACH under Move Money -> Pay 😊

Does BillPay send physical checks to the payee?

Yes, if they are not in our registry! Otherwise, they’ll receive the payment as an ACH transfer ⚡️

How do I find out if the company I want to send to is in NorthOne’s registry?

When adding a new payee, any company that is already in our registry will pop-up when its name is typed. If it’s not in our registry, no problem! You can still manually add a new payee 🤝

Can I pay anyone with BillPay or does it have to be a company I have an account with?

Anyone can be paid with BillPay as long as you have their mailing address, name and account number 📃

Do I need to have my own checkbook to use BillPay?

Nope! Checks will be created automagically for you ✨

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