NorthOne wants to help business owners perfectly sync their financial data stored across platforms and software to save time.

We're currently working with partners in different sectors to build strong API-based integrations, all of which will be available when we officially launch NorthOne to the public.

As an early access customer, here's a sneak peek into what we're up to!

Accounting Platforms

You'll be able to connect your NorthOne account to popular accounting software.

Once NorthOne is connected to one of them, you are able to

  • Import your Chart of Accounts into NorthOne so nothing gets lost.

  • Sync all the transactions details (including uploaded receipts and notes) between the two platforms.

E-Commerce Platforms

Link your Shopify account to see invoices and order numbers for every Shopify deposit. All of this will then be synced with your accounting software too! Magical, right?

Payment Processing Platforms

Using Stripe, Square, PayPal or Venmo, you're able to collect payments and have it deposited right into your NorthOne account.

Expense Tracking Platforms

Using Expensify, you will be able to

  • Link purchase information in your bank account to receipts you snap pictures of.

  • Tag transactions using categories either from Expensify or an accounting software of your choice!

If you have ideas on other platforms we should consider integrating with, please share it with our customer support team!

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