For each transaction made, you're able to see and add details to it. This ensures your team can keep consistent records and have all the information you need when it's time to reconcile your records.

👀 Transaction details you can see

  • The amount, merchant, and time of the transaction
  • A confirmation number of the transaction
  • The location of the merchant
  • The tags associated with the merchant of the transaction
  • Merchant history (including the lifetime, year to date, and this month's spend with the merchant)

✏️ Transaction details you can modify

  • Attach a receipt
  • Add your notes about the transaction

Changing Merchant Details

We designed the way merchants are categorized to help make bookkeeping more streamlined and organized.

When you make a transaction on your account, we pull in as much information as we can about a merchant based on their name and industry. You can always edit those details to make it consistent with other similar records.

Tap on a transaction then the merchant icon to edit the merchant's logo, name, or category.

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