Why was my Account closed?

All financial service companies are required to understand the nature of their customers’ businesses. This means we may sometimes review your Account as a whole or a specific transaction. Based on the outcome of our review, we may choose to close your Account. This might be because we are still unable to verify your Account information; because we identified that you are engaging in unsupported behavior (for example, using your NorthOne Account as a personal account); or because of other factors or a combination of factors. Our decision is final and cannot be reversed.

If your Account was closed, we understand this may not be the desired outcome, and we apologize for any inconvenience caused. If we identify that your Account is not a great fit for NorthOne, our aim is make the Account closure process as smooth as possible. Any valid funds will be returned once our review has been concluded.

Why is my Account suspended?

As a part of our reviews, we occasionally request identity, business, transaction, or other documentation or information, and we may suspend the Account as part of that process. If you’re unable to determine if you received such a message, you can reach out to NorthOne’s Customer Support team at [email protected] , who can help you confirm if you have an outstanding request for information.

Next steps?

If you were sent a request for information, please follow the instructions in the message you received.

For Reference

Privacy Policy: https://www.northone.com/privacy-policy

Account Agreement:https://www.northone.com/account-agreement

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