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Physical Check Payments Through NorthOne
Physical Check Payments Through NorthOne

Additional details on shipping timelines and canceling physical checks.

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As a digital financial service, NorthOne does not offer physical checks or checkbooks. You’re able to send a payment to a merchant or pay bills via check right from your NorthOne Account!

How long does it take to send a check?

The recipient will receive the physical check in the mail 3-9 business days after the date the payment was initiated. At the time of initiation, there will be a $1 fee charged to your NorthOne Account.

Can I cancel it before 9 business days passes?

If the check has not arrived within the 9 business day window and you have already confirmed that the sending address is correct, you can reach out to the support team through in-app chat to assist you in canceling the check and sending a new one. Remember that weekends and bank holidays will not count towards the 9 business day timeline. It can be better to wait a couple more days than cancel a check and risk voiding the one in route to send a new one.

Do I need to re-send the check after cancelation?

If you are ready to send a new check, you can do so in-app (see linked article below) and have our team cancel the original one. It can take 1-3 days for the funds to be returned to your NorthOne account after cancelation. There will be a line item for the canceled check and a line item for the returned check funds.

Do these checks expire?

If the recipient does not deposit the check within 180 days, the check will expire, and the funds will return to your NorthOne Account. You will receive a notification in-app when your recipient has deposited the check.

What do the checks look like?

The checks will be coming from a Bank of America account and will be written to the recipient as you filled out in-app including any memos.

Note: The NorthOne Account is not a checking account. You can send pre-authorized checks, subject to a fee. See the Deposit Account Agreement for more information

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