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Make Payments using North One Bill Pay
Make Payments using North One Bill Pay

North One's Bill Pay feature allows you to upload, store and pay vendor/supplier invoices right from your North One Account.

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With Bill Pay, you can schedule payments for both bills and invoices directly from your North One Account! To set this up, you will need to enter the recipient/vendor details, the payment amount, the date the bill or invoice was issued, and your preferred payment method. Once entered, you can determine whether to make the payment now, or schedule it to be paid at a later time.

Bills and invoices can both be paid through this feature with the same method. They can be uploaded directly into your North One Account, or sent from a third party to your unique email domain to auto-populate the payment information automatically. Otherwise, payment information will need to be uploaded manually.

To begin the bill payment process, log onto your Account via desktop or laptop. Once logged in, select Bill Payments at the top. Then select Add Bill on the right side of your screen. Once selected, you’ll see this screen below to enter your information.

Note: it is not required to upload your bill to use this feature. If no bill is uploaded, payee information must be inputted manually.

The following sections are required:

  1. Vendor Name

  • If you are adding a new vendor, there is a large list of existing vendors, specifically corporations, that are sourced from the RPPS Biller Directory. Select one of these pre-existing corporations or add a vendor from outside the database.

  • If you are adding a new vendor, you also can add the vendors email, but this is not required.

2. Bill Total

  • Input the total amount of the bill required to pay.

3. Bill Reference

  • Input the bill number, so you can differentiate each bill for the same vendor.

4. Bill Date

  • The date the bill was issued to you.

The sections below are optional:

  1. Vendor Email

  • This can be added to let the recipient know the payment is coming.

2. Bill Due Date

  • This can be added as a reminder on when a certain bill is due, should you be choosing to schedule the bill payment.

3. Bill Notes

  • Leave an internal note about this bill to help with finance organization.

Once the payee information and bill information is uploaded, you will be taken to a screen that confirms how you’d like to pay the bill. There you will see the options to make a Bill Payment.






Standard ACH

1-3 business days

Max $50,000 per day. $1,500,000 per calendar month

No fee

Digital Bill Pay

Next Business Day

Max $50,000 per Digital Bill Payment. No limit to the number of Digital Bill Payments per Day

No fee

Physical check (only available on mobile app)

3-9 business days

$100,000 maximum per check, no limit on the number of checks that can be sent

$1 fee per check

Note: Bill Payments initiated after 10 AM ET will be processed by 10 AM ET the next business day.

After confirming the payment method, you will be shown a confirmation screen. See below example with a test invoice. You will notice the confirmation details include the payment method, payment date, payment amount, and the Account where the funds will be withdrawn from.

Different Invoice Statuses:

After you’ve initiated the payment, you will notice the sections for Unpaid, Paid, and Archived invoices or bills.

Unpaid: This is where any draft bills will be saved. You can Pay the bill, manually mark the bill as paid, or archive the bill for later purposes. Archived bills can be made a draft again at any time. This will also be where scheduled bills live until the scheduled bill is paid. You will also notice different status of each bill under the ‘unpaid’ tab, based on the status of the bill. See below for an example:

Paid: All invoices or bills that have been 100% paid in full, or if the bill has been marked as manually paid.

Archived: Where any bill that was manually archived will live. Archived bills can be made a draft again at any time.

If you click into a certain invoice, you will have the bill details and the ability to see the payment activity. This includes the date the bill was initiated and any future scheduled payment dates.

As always, if you have any questions or run into any issues with the Bill Payments feature please contact our Support Team via in-app live chat or at [email protected]

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