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Connect Your Business with North One's Insights
Connect Your Business with North One's Insights

Connect the apps you use to run your business with Revenue Insights and get full insight into your business funds, all within North One!

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Please note: Insights is currently only available via desktop or laptop. At this time, Revenue Insights is not available on North One's Mobile app.

Revenue Insights allow you to monitor all payments and deposits from various third party Apps like Shopify, Stripe, Amazon, and more!

You will have the following insights into each respective third party app that you connect:

  • Gross Revenue- total amount of funds earned via that third-party app

  • Paid Out- total amount of funds that have been transferred out of that third-party app

  • Balance- the exact balance in the third party app

  • Transactions- the amount of sales made within the third-party app

  • Returns- total amount of refunds issued to customers

To explore Revenue Insights, you'll want to log into your Account via desktop or laptop. Once done, select the Integrations & Integrations section at the top of your screen.

You can connect the following third-party apps with your North One Account and Revenue Insights:

  • Amazon

  • Etsy

  • PayPal

  • Shopify

  • Square

  • Stripe

At this time, you cannot connect to a third-party app that is not mentioned on the list above. We would love to hear your feedback though! Get in touch with our Support Team and let them know what app you would like to connect with and we can share this feedback with our Product Team.

You can see your Revenue Insights landing page below with all the available connections!

Within each connected third-party app, you can review the data from the last 7 days, last 30 days, or a custom date range. To change the date range, select the date range on the right of the connection, as seen below.

If you select Custom as a date range, you will then be prompted to select your date range. There is no limit to how far back you'd like the date range to go.

While the data showing in your Revenue Insights is up to date, if you'd like to ensure the information is populating your most recent sale or transaction, hit the Refresh button as highlighted above to refresh all third-party apps and their data!

We are excited to see you use this feature to have your business finances visible directly from your North One Account!

Questions? Contact [email protected] or connect with our Support Team via in-app chat for the most immediate assistance

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