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What documents do I need to submit with my application?
What documents do I need to submit with my application?

You may be asked to provide additional documentation for identity verification during your North One application.

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To learn more about applying for a North One account, check out this article.

During the application process, you may be prompted to submit personal and/or business verification documents via email. Below are examples of each type of document that you may be asked to submit.

List of identity documents that may be requested:

For an individual, primary forms of identification listed in Column A of the table below are accepted as single form identification verification.

If you do not have a document from Column A, or the information on that document does not match the information provided on your North One Account application, then you may be asked to provide two documents from Column B or one document from Column B and one document from Column C.

Column A (unexpired)

Column B

Column C (dated within the last 60 days)

Driver's License

Social Security Card

Utility Bill (gas, electric, telephone, cable, etc)

U.S. Military/Armed Forces ID (active or retired)

Birth Certificate

Financial Record (Bank, 401 (k) or Investment/Brokerage statement)

U.S. Permanent Resident Card

Official U.S. Military record of service

College/University Statement

Matricula Consular (Consular Identification Card)

Marriage Certificate

Mortgage Statement

State Issued ID

Divorce Decree

Life, Health, or other Insurance Statement (Auto, home, boat, etc.)

U.S. Border Crossing Card

State-Issued Permit

Medical Record (doctor, hospital, or clinical)

U.S. Employment Authorization Card

State-Issued Benefit Card

Pay Stub

Tribal ID (Federally recognized)

U.S. Tax Form (W-2, Form 1099, 5498, or 1098)

Lease Agreement

U.S. Passport or passport card

Certificate of Citizenship (or Naturalization)

Vehicle Registration Card

Medicare Card (A, J, H, M, or T)

Voter’s Registration Card

Court Order for Legal Name Change

Letter from US Citizen and Immigration Services

Cedula ID

Letter from a State Department of Motor Vehicles

Municipal ID

Letter from a US State or County Health and Human Services

Letter from the Social Security Administration

List of business documents that may be requested:

  • Certificate of incorporation, articles of incorporation, or other formation document (i.e. Certificate of Formation for an LLC)

  • Fictitious name registration

  • Partnership agreement

  • Limited partnership agreement

  • Resolution of authority

  • Operating agreement (must be signed)

  • Estate papers

  • Trust Agreement/Certification of Trust

  • Business license

  • Certificate of good standing from a government entity

NOTE: If you are applying with a DBA name (Doing Business As), a DBA document may be requested during the application review process. A copy of your business license or DBA/trade name/fictitious/assumed name registration document would be acceptable.

The request for additional documentation will be sent via email to the email address provided on the North One application. The email will be sent from [email protected].

North One is a financial technology company, and not a bank. Banking services are provided by The Bancorp Bank; N.A., Member FDIC.

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