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How do I add a business owner to my account?
How do I add a business owner to my account?

Business owners cannot be added once your North One Account has been opened.

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If your business has additional UBOs (Ultimate Beneficial Owners) who own 25% or more of the company, their names will need to be included in the initial application phase.

If the UBO names were included on the application: Our team is currently working on allowing those additional owners to complete their identity verification(s). Once able to, we will reach out to our customers directly.

If the UBO names were not included on the application: You will need to re-apply and include all UBOs on the application. We recommend holding off on doing this until our team has allowed for additional owners to complete identity verification. You can check if you included your UBOs on the application by following the steps below.

From the mobile app:

  1. Click the menu button in the top left corner

  2. Click Settings

  3. Under Team settings, click Your team

To check this information from a desktop browser:

  1. On the left hand menu click Settings

  2. Under Team settings, click Your team

Here you’ll find a list of all legal business owners who were included on your application.

NOTE: We do not have the ability to remove business owners from an account. If you no longer want a UBO’s name on file, you will need to close your North One Account and re-apply, excluding their details from the application.

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