If you’re attempting to complete a mobile check deposit in-app and getting an error message, check out this table to see how to fix it:


Troubleshooting Step

The details of the check don’t match your account details

Confirm that the check is made out to the same company name or DBA that is registered on your NorthOne Account.

The check was not signed

Confirm that the front of the check is signed by the payee, and endorsed by you on the back. Once you’ve done so, try again.

For reference, an acceptable check endorsement will include BOTH the signature of the payee and one of the following;

  • “For NorthOne mobile deposit only” in the endorsement area OR

  • Account # in the endorsement area

The photo of the check was unclear or hard to read

We need a clear picture of the check in order to process it. Take another photo of the check, and try the deposit again.

The check size is too large

There is a $15,000 limit per check, per rolling 24-hour period and a $50,000 limit per rolling 30-day period.

If you need to deposit a check larger than the daily limit, reach out to our Customer Care team in-app or online while logged into your NorthOne Account. We can’t guarantee that we will be able to change your limits, we’ll do our best to help.

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