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Help! My North One Mastercard® Small Business Debit Card isn’t working
Help! My North One Mastercard® Small Business Debit Card isn’t working

Troubleshooting options to figure out why your card transaction is declined.

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Sorry to hear your North One Mastercard® Small Business Debit Card* isn’t working! The most common reasons for a card transaction to not go through are:



Your card is Frozen.

You can unfreeze your card by heading to the Cards section of your account. Select the card you’re attempting to use and click Unfreeze, or toggle the switch. Once complete, try the transaction again.

Your card has not been activated.

Did you receive this card recently? If so, it may not be activated. Call 1-866-331-3085 and follow the steps there, then attempt the transaction again.

You do not have sufficient funds in your Account.

Log into your North One Account and double-check your balance. If it is too low, make a deposit and attempt the transaction again later. See here for info on how to automatically top-up your balance through Plaid.

You have reached your spend limit.

There is a spend limit of $5,000.00 per 24-hour period between both your virtual and physical cards. Review your transactions from the past 24 hours and wait until you’re able to spend on the card again.

The card is being rung through as debit, rather than credit.

Depending on the merchant, card transactions are more successful if processed as credit rather than debit. Clarify this with the merchant and attempt the transaction again.

Your PIN has been input incorrectly.

It’s possible you’ve forgotten your PIN, or that it needs to be reset after too many attempts. You can find instructions on resetting your PIN here.

You are being asked for a PIN on your Virtual Card.

There is no PIN attached to the virtual card, so you should not be asked for one. If you are being asked, request that merchant ring the card through as credit rather than debit. Or, ask the merchant if they can bypass the PIN option.

If you have a PIN set up on your phone's wallet app, this may work in place of a card specific PIN.

The ZIP code has been input incorrectly.

If you’re making an online purchase, the ZIP code input on the form needs to match the one on your North One Account exactly. Double check which ZIP code is attached to your Account, and attempt the transaction again.

If you’re still having difficulty using your card successfully and your transaction is being declined, send our Customer Care team a message in-app or online. We’ll be unable to diagnose a denied card transaction by email.

Need another payment option? Click here for our full list.

North One is a financial technology company, and not a bank. Banking services are provided by The Bancorp Bank, N.A; Member FDIC.

*The North One Mastercard® Small Business Debit Card is issued by The Bancorp Bank, N.A., pursuant to license by Mastercard International Incorporated.Mastercard is a registered trademark, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated. Card may be used everywhere Mastercard is accepted.

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