How do I View and Edit my Recipients?
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Sending a transfer but not sure if your contact information is up to date? Or, are you sending a transfer to a brand new contact? No problem, we can help you make sure that all your information is fully updated so you don’t have to worry about a payment going to the wrong account. New recipients can be added either in the mobile app or in a web browser, at this time your contact list can only be seen and edited on web.

New recipients can be added while sending a wire, ACH transfer, or physical check

To view your recipients in a web browser:

  1. From the left-hand menu, scroll down and click Settings

  2. Under Account settings select Recipients

  3. On this page you can see your complete list of recipients and select the one you’d like to view or edit

  4. Once you’ve selected the recipient, you can edit their general info, ACH info, Wire info, or delete them entirely.

  5. Be sure to click Save changes when you’re done!

To view your recipients in the North One app:

  1. Click the button in upper left hand corner to access your menu

  2. Click Settings

  3. Scroll down to Account Settings and click Recipients

  4. From here you can edit your recipient’s general info, as well as their wire and ACH info.

  5. Be sure to click Save changes when you’re done

Fore more info on different types of payments and what might work best for your business, see our article here, or peruse our Transaction section here.

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